The Mother-Daughter Relationship


Cassi, Ashli, Brittani, Charli Jane and WendiA mother & daughters love can never be replaced or substituted with anything! If you have raised your daughter to be respectful, responsible and compassionate then that bond and love only grows deeper every day. A mother/daughter relationship…there is nothing like it in the world nor will you ever encounter anything that creates such emotions of joy, fulfillment, laughter, love and yes even sadness and frustration sometimes, this is why I call parenting daughters, Riding the Rollercoaster… It can be a long and bumpy ride with many ups and downs…but you can do it and you will survive and believe it or not you will enjoy it because it’s the best ride of your life!

To be quite honest moms have a tendency to wonder if they are giving their daughters enough love or if their daughter loves them. This can be the case especially with moms who have more than one daughter and are trying to juggle enough attention for each one, but it can be done and should be done. Why do we feel like this? You told your daughter ‘no’ so she starts crying, throws her books across the room and stomps out of the room while you are trying to talk to her, well not to worry because this is normal and all girls go through different stages in their teen lives, thus the Rollercoaster Ride.

We as moms have to take all stages and events in stride and just be patient, understanding, listen and be there for them the best while giving them the right amount of love and discipline. A rest easy mom, your daughter still loves you.

A mothers love is always unconditional it doesn’t matter what your daughter does you will still love her, you may not agree with her, you may be upset, you may not like the action or decision she chose but you should always be there to support and love your daughter.

A mother should be a daughter’s biggest supporter. Listen to her. Love her with all your heart. Discipline. Encourage her always. Teach good values and morals. Spend time together. Remember you are the strongest role model in your daughter’s life.

For some tips & support I created a report called ‘20 Ways to Support & Encourage Your Teenage Daughter’ most of these are common sense and built into us as mothers but some may be overlooked quite frequently as we go through our busy and hectic lives. You can get this report in the right navigation bar or simply send me an email and I am happy to send it to you

About the author: Wendi McNeill is a wife to an amazing husband and mother of 4 daughters (no sons), founder of Moms Coaching Cafe: Parenting Teen Daughters: , founder of Charli Jane Speaker Services: , author, workshop leader, business and parenting coach. What’s your most challenging question in raising your daughter? Ask by emailing Wendi(at)